NEW EBOOK (english version)

NEW EBOOK (english version)

30 października 2020 0 przez Radosław Bella

Tactical analysis and football intelligence is a free ebook, which is originally a translation of Sławomir Morawski, founder of Mindfootballness project, UEFA A Diploma thesis. I met Sławek 3 years ago and I knew from the beginning that he is a coach who understands football in more detail than the vast majority of people. That was a privilage to speak and discuss the material contained in the e-book. Great learning, great job Sławek! Congrats!

It is a coherent and structured material about the proper interpretation of the perception, understanding and decision making process of football players during the game. Based on interviews with 15 football coaches from the best clubs and academies from around the world, the book introduces cognitive processes and their impact on the quality of coaching in football. How to develop intelligent players? How to simulate and stimulate the development of intelligence in the game during football coaching and what is the role of analysis in this process?

You will find the answers inside of this free E-Book.