20 maja 2020 0 przez Radosław Bella

Training during quarantine does not have to be only training developing technical and fitness aspects. We can throw those aspects into the tactical dimension of the game.
In Poland, from last Monday (through whole week), we could train in groups of six players, keeping the distance between each other. So first week of quarantine we weren’t able to play games.
In two training sessions I try to develop some movements and passing patterns (attacking) that are related to Olympique de Marseille and Athletic Bilbao under Bielsa. Why? Because I have similar principles to my game model. Based on that I plan our training session – even that we cannot play games.
About philosophy M. Bielsa you can learn here (webinar) but what is after your idea, game model?

How to plan a session? Before I will answer that question I would like to share with you some conclusions and changes I did in my coaching life. During my studies (10 years ago) I learned lot about body, muscles, technique etc. But through my learning pathway I discover lot of different approches. And they there are:

Starting point can make a difference…

Right now on your left you can see how I’am planning training session right now. On your right how we did in Poland few years ago… So as you can see I start planning each training session with your game idea – then I am trying to create situations on the pitch. Based on that I try to plan warm up – related to the those situation, to prepare your players to scenario that they will experience during whole session.
So first of all – your philosophy. How you want to play? Close your eyes and imagine your team in his best performance? How they play?

This can be a starting point. Chose game situations that fit too your own philosophy, show your players (we have this page and secret group were I put videos only for players) and try to teach it.

During my two-year analysis one of the greatest coaches Marcelo Bielsa (about other tactical concepts I am writing in my e-book: Marcelo Bielsa – Tactical Profile download here), I discovered lot of movements that can be train in this horrible for all world and football time.

Maybe this is a good moment to say that those drills are just proposition – don’t treat that like something you must do – it’s is small part of our training program (Śląsk Wrocław U16).

As you can see – this is not only about tactic because as a consequence you will train your execution of decision: technique. As a by product. Especially between the lines or in near area to the penalty box – players need to feel good with the ball: on small space.

Below you can see passing pathway in this action.

During the game – especially if your opponent’s are focus more on defending (maybe even park the bus) your players will have to manipulate your opponent’s with the ball, because ball will always move your opponent’s.

Second side will involve other positions.

In this two sessions we didn’t just focus on micro tactic (cooperation between formations or within formation) – but also it was a good (necessarily?) opportunity to be more focus than ever to individual concepts – without opponent’s.
I chose three movement’s to this training sessions and of course is very difficult to compare always 1-1 the game situations, but I believe that you see some similarities between game and trainign – even without opponent.

Move one:

Move two:

Move three:

Maybe you noticed that before, but my team was really focus on attacking opponent’s defensive line and create with those movements/patterns goal opportunity. Finishing is maybe the most important part of football. This was the plan of training session, to develop this, and as I wrote it before, I also start with those concepts during warm up:

All those drill are to develop finishers. They create a chances and score goals. I treat finishing drills like never ending story – we develop this most of our time. Just to score darn goal…

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