Hello, coaches from all over the world.

Finally, the day has come when I am very pleased to release my e-book. It is a collection of notes from over 18 months of analysis of matches, conferences and lectures by Marcelo Bielsa.

The e-book is free so I’m asking for a favor – before you download it, please fill in the questionnaire (three questions). After all answers are given, you will see a direct link to download the material. One of my goals is to prepare a conference of coaches in Poland and expand the topics contained in the e-book.

If you would like to share your original materials, I would be very grateful. If you have any questions about the e-book, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:


Enjoy your reading. I am counting on your opinion after reading (e-mail, twitter or facebook). Feel free to retweet and share the e-book on TT, FB etc… I will also gladly put your opinions on my website after obtaining your consent. If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail. If for any reason the ebook would not reach you, please contact me immediately.

After more than 580 days of hard work and about 200 analyses, releasing this material is a HUGE relief.


Find how to receive your copy at:


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